Newsletter March 11, 2024

Monday Morning Coffee – Real Estate News and Story

January home sales for new single-family homes rose for the second month in a row and are up from a year ago. Good news for buyers, the median sale price is down from its 2022 peak and supply is up 160% from its 2022 bottom.

But more homes are on the way. Spending on residential construction in January was up overall from December. Most notably, spending on much-needed single-family builds is now 12.5% ahead of the same time last year.

Unfortunately, existing homes still have an inventory problem, which is one of the reasons Pending Home Sales fell 4.9% in January. The index of signed contracts on existing homes is also down from its level a year ago.

Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty. ~ Mother Teresa

When Hannah Taylor was 5 years old, she saw a man eating out of a garbage can on a frozen winter day. Hannah was immediately filled with sadness and questions.

“Why, why, why?” she asked. “If everyone shared what they had, could that cure homelessness?”

Since that defining moment, Hannah has learned about hunger and homelessness. Where society sees a problem, Hannah sees a person.

By the age of 8, Hannah had founded The Ladybug Foundation Inc., a registered charity, and became the innocent face of the homeless, seeing their plight with the clarity of a child and speaking out for them across Canada.

Her speaking engagements have taken her to many parts of the world, where she speaks to one person at a time and to groups as large as 16, 000.

Hannah has spoken to more than 175 schools, organizations and events.

Hannah believes that everyone deserves a roof over their head and enough food to eat, as basic human rights.

Through Hannah’s efforts, well over 3 million dollars has been raised directly and indirectly to assist projects across Canada providing shelter, food and safety for homeless people.

Hannah also visits many of the shelters her charity supports. At a teenage shelter in Toronto, Hannah experienced a moment that she will never forget.

As she was leaving the shelter, hugging each child, one of the quietest children stepped from the back and said, “Until today I thought no one loved me. Now I know you love me.”

Cindy Glynn
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