Newsletter February 12, 2024

Monday Morning Coffee – Real Estate News and Inspiration 2.12.24

Spending on residential construction in December went up 1.4% from November, with spending on single-family homes up a solid 1.6%. Spending is up 9.9% on single-families compared to December a year ago.

The national S&P Case-Shiller Index reports home prices in November fell a tick, the first dip in 10 months, but they’re up 5.1% annuallyand 6.6% by the FHFA price index of homes financed with conforming mortgages.

And reports active inventory continues to grow. The number of homes for sale not under contract is now 10.1% above the level of a year ago, helped by an increase in new listings, up 2.1% versus last year.

Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. ~ Franklin P. Jones

A lot of people wonder what Valentine’s Day is really all about so we went to the best source possible… what do kids have to say about it?

“I think you’re supposed to find someone cute and hold their hand.” — Oscar, 6

“I don’t know. But you get candy!!” — Anika, 8

“Valentine’s Day is when you give cards with heart stickers all over them.” — Dev, 10

“It’s a holiday about hearts and love and stuff.” — Max, 7

“So there was this man, I forget his first name, but his last name was Valentine, and he was a very kind man. And actually, I think his first name was “Kind,” and he made up Valentine’s Day. It’s for people to get together and have fun.” — Ramona, 8

“It’s kind of like Christmas, except not as good.” — Sophie, 9

“It’s like where it’s basically you give people cards, and it’s “be nice to everybody” day. Like if you see a stranger on the street, you can say, ‘Hi.'” — Aki, 7

Ehh … I dunno, the holiday of love, I guess?” — Derek, 8

“In middle school, you pass out cards and then go home and throw them all out. At least I do. I emailed my classmates a PicCollage I made.” – Mike, 11

“Valentine’s is that day when my parents make me and my brother stay home with a babysitter so they can go and watch a movie or something.” — Jack, 10

“It’s also known as St. Chocolate Day.” — Gabriela, 12

“It’s has to do with St. Valentine’s or something, and it’s a celebration of love. And stuffed bears and chocolates. It’s all about the giant stuffed bears!” — Fiona, 13

“It’s a holiday where you tell the person that you love them. It’s the loving holiday!” — Olivia, 11

“It means loving other people and sharing with other people and giving. That’s what it’s all about. Love.” — Sachi, 4

Valentine’s Day means a boy and a girl hanging around. I don’t have any. – Erick, 9

My valentine is a guy at my old school. He’s very cute with dimples when he smiles. He’s funny, sweet and charming. – Thuy, 12

Cindy Glynn
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