Newsletter January 12, 2024

Monday Morning Coffee 1.15.24

Spending on residential construction in November grew a solid 1.1% above October, and 3.7% ahead of last year. Best of all, the emphasis was on single-family homes, where spending is up 5.5% the past year.

10,000 people a day are turning 65, fueling a “silver tsunami” in the housing market. The AARP estimates that among people over 50 (74% of homeowners), 51% of them have downsized their homes.

In 2023, new homes accounted for about 30% of total housing inventory and sales—more than twice the normal annual level. Industry experts feel new home sales are near their peak as a share of the total housing market.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” (William Butler Yeats)

Born in Liberty City, Miami on the floor of an abandoned building, Les Brown has known struggle and hardship his entire life.

Academically, Les was a struggling student from the get-go. He was labelled “educable mentally handicapped” by the academic intelligentsia of his day and placed back from 6th grade to 5th grade.

To make matters worse, he had a twin brother who was exceptionally bright and gifted, and as such Les became commonly referred to by his peers as the “DT” – the “dumb twin.”

One day a teacher asked him to come up and solve a problem on the chalkboard, but Les refused and said that he couldn’t. “Of course you can,” the teacher responded encouragingly. “Young man, come up here and solve this problem for me.”

“But I can’t,” insisted Les. “I’m educable mentally handicapped.” The rest of the class erupted in laughter. At that point, the teacher stepped out from behind his desk and looked Les straight in the eye. “Don’t ever say that again,” he told him firmly. “Someone else’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.”

Les never forgot those words, and spent the rest of his life overcoming incredible odds and pursuing his goals with passion and fervour.

Time and time again, thanks to that one teacher’s powerful revelation, Les has lived the phrase he’s famous for all over the world: You have greatness within you.

Today Les Brown is one of the world’s foremost motivational speakers and thought leaders on self-improvement and goal-setting. 

Cindy Glynn
Coldwell Banker American Home