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Monday Morning Coffee 6.5.23

April saw sales of New Homes surge to a 13-month high, up 4.1% from March and 11.8% ahead of last year. Inventories have recently made substantial gains, and the median price is down 8.2% from a year ago.

The Mortgage Bankers Association reports new-home purchase applications rose year-over-year for the third straight month. They note: “the broader housing market is leaning more on new construction to boost for-sale inventory.”

Meanwhile, signed contracts on existing homes were flat in April, although three of the four major U.S. regions saw monthly gains. Only the Northeast’s numbers decreased, pulling down the national average.

“When my kids become wild and unruly, I use a nice safe playpen. When they’re finished, I climb out.” ~ Erma Bombeck

Summer is here… take a look at this collection of tweets from parents during the summer…

* If you’re wondering how awesome my summer break is going, my kid just found a harmonica.

* If you think Twitter has tons of people craving attention & validation, allow me to introduce you to kids doing tricks in a swimming pool.

* I hate when I’ve been at home with my kids for 2 months for summer break and it’s actually only been 2 weeks.

* My kids are trying to start a fire in the basement by rubbing legos together, so if anyone wants to hang out, I’m free for the summer.

* July: My boys-When do we go back to school? Me-Not sure, end of August maybe?
Aug: Boys-When do we go back? Me-Exactly 21 days 3 hrs & 6 mins.

* 5-year-old: We never do anything fun.

Me: I just took you out for ice cream.

5-year-old: We never do anything fun twice in a row.

* By 10 a.m. on the first day of summer break, my son said he was bored. The chore list I am about to make will wrap around the Earth 3 times.

* I’m sending my kids to a free summer camp program called GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY.

* After a long, hard winter, my kids like to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather by playing computer games in the basement all day.

* When I think I can’t take it anymore I just remind myself that it’s only 1,692 hours till school starts again.

* 7 year old: I got duck poop on my hand
Me: Ok, don’t touch anything until we get home, then look in back seat to see that 7 year old is already eating crackers.

* Asking for prayers for a 5-year-old at our local playground. His mother is being really unfair and also packed the wrong brand of pretzels.

* It’s summer & I can’t get the neighbors’ kids out of my house, so I told them a black widow is hiding & I haven’t seen them since Saturday.

* We Polled 100 Moms to Find Their Top 5 Favorite Hiding Spots:
5. Psych Ward
4. Internet
3. Inside Own Head
2. Costa Rica
1. Bathroom

* Instructor: Welcome to our Summer with Kids Preparedness class. Our first lesson is how to apply sunscreen. Everyone grab an angry raccoon.

* Summer is when my kids are home making up for all the barely eaten school lunches I packed the last 10 months.

* If you’re looking for ideas, a family bike ride is another fun way to sit and listen to your kids complain for an hour.

* Yesterday was the last day of school. The kids have already completed the 56 activities I had planned to keep them busy the entire summer.

* There is no way your kid can prove you weren’t watching their underwater somersault in the shallow end.

* School’s out but I didn’t tell the kids. Right now they are waiting for the bus. Should buy me a few hours.

* My kids said they wanted to try something new this summer so I showed them how to vacuum & do laundry.

Have a great summer!


Cindy Glynn
Coldwell Banker American Home


Monday Morning Coffee 6.5.23