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Monday Morning Coffee 5.1.23

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” – Maya Angelou

Professor Randy Pausch Graduation Speech Transcript:


Last August I was told it was likely that I had three to six months to live. I’m on month nine now and I’m not going to get down and do any pushups, but there will be a short pickup basketball game later.


Somebody said to me, in light of those numbers, “Wow, so you’re really beating the Grimm Reaper.” and what I said without even thinking about it is that we don’t beat the reaper by living longer. We beat the Reaper by living well and living fully, for the Reaper will come for all of us.


The question is what we will do between the time we’re born and the time he shows up, because when he shows up it’s too late to do all the things that you always want to kind of get around to.

I think the only advice I can give you on how to live your life well is first off remember, it’s a cliché but I love clichés, it is not the things we do in life that we regret on our deathbed. It is the things we do not.


You will need to find your passion.

Find your passion, and in my experience, no matter what you do at work or what you do in official settings that passion will be grounded in people. It will be grounded in the relationships you have with people and what they think of you when your time comes.

If you can gain the respect of those around you and the passion and the true love, and I’ve said this before, I waited until 39 to get married because I had to wait that long to find someone whose happiness was more important than mine.

If nothing else I hope that all of you can find that kind of passion and that kind of love in your life. Thank you.


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Monday Morning Coffee 5.1.23